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Dereham Norfolk


Stress management training in norfolk.

How to manage stress at work. Anxiety management training. How to manage anxiety at wor.k.

Wellbeing at work. Wellbeing training Wellbeing Training.

Wellbeing Training in Norfolk. Wellbeing training in Norfolk. Work life balance. Depression at work. Stress management courses. Anxiwty management courses.

wymondham college wellbeing

"Talking through the stressors we all endure is liberating, then finding ways of dealing with them is such a relief.

I am looking forward to incorporating them into my life!"

"[it] put things into perspective about stress and how it can be beaten"

"Insightful and useful session"

Teaching and Support Staff, Wymondham College, Norfolk, UK.

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"Even after only one session, James has helped our whole outreach team so much. Not only did he immediately put us all at our ease, but his professionalism and obvious passion for his work has already made us feel markedly different about the aspects of our work on which we wanted to improve.


As a result, our team are completely focused on creating new, improved behaviours, and  we're already the better for it, both in ourselves and in the work that we do.


We simply could not recommend James more highly. The difference he has made to our team cannot be overstated."

Matt J Bagley B.Eng. (Hons), M.A.
Director of Doing

Camouflaged Learning: Learning Through Doing, Education Through Action


Been a good week and a bit now and feeling more positive, outlook seems different, that thing I can't put my finger on but that is pretty much what you do!   I can't thank you enough for helping dig me out of the hole I was in.....You are a legend, its truly been better for me than any pill I've ever taken.  ​I don't mind if you use my name (On this testimonial), far as I am concerned seeing you has been one of the most positive healthy things I have done in years.


Mr Andy R, Kapow Toys, Norfolk, UK. 

" If I could give 10* I would...I can wholeheartedly confirm that James Gunning is as experienced as [the] website claims.  I had a period of 11 weeks where my anxiety was so great that I had remained in the house totally stressed, anxious and depressed.

James did a Skype session with me and within 48 hours I was functioning on all cylinders and back at work. I cannot thank him enough for his life changing intervention.​"


Caroline Martin, Gloucestershire, UK

"Hypnosis helped me at a time in my life when I had been under a great deal of work related stress. I had lost a lot of confidence in myself, felt out of control and generally was not coping too well.   Initially, I was apprehensive at what would happen but James put me at ease and I immediately felt he was someone I could trust.


I feel having the hypnosis was a turning point in my recovery as immediately afterwards, I felt so much better, like a weight had been lifted off me and this continued afterwards. In time,I regained my confidence and took charge of my life -  I would recommend James to anyone as he is empathic, calm, professional and kind."

Mrs W, Bolton-Le-Sands, Lancashire, UK

More reviews coming...

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You can read further testimonials from hypnotherapy clients about the effectiveness of hypnosis and how it has helped them overcome stress, anxiety and many other life limiting issues by clicking HERE

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