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Introducing the corporate wellbeing side of Inner Peace Talk Therapy, delivering powerful Wellbeing Workshops & Training Sessions directly to your workplace.



Specialising in work place Wellbeing, stress and anxiety, we offer a range of Wellbeing group sessions

& 1:1 sessions. We are the only training provider to utilise the power of the subconscious mind.


We use powerful stress management techniques to  improve Mental Health & Wellbeing, lower work place stress and help reduce absence 



How much is Anxiety and Stress costing your organisation?

What are your legal responsibilities?

What are the warning signs?

What are stress symptoms?

What can you do to manage stress at work?


The benefits of Wellbeing training utilising the methods we use are clear to see.


You can read what some of the clients we have worked with have said about our work and the results they achieved.

Want to know more ?

See what Wymondham college staff recently said after their session HERE

Increased morale & better productivity


Higher employee satisfaction scores


Reduced costs & average absence levels


Improved wellbeing and mental health


Lasting, effective stress relief


Short & long term savings

'Inner Peace Talk Therapy Corporate Wellbeing' is the corporate side of the business and is turning the world of stress management training on its head. Offering on-site training using a unique powerful blend of coaching, mindfulness, breathing techniques and stress management tips (we can even incorporate hypnosis & Yoga if you wish), the traditional way of learning and developing staff is being revolutionised. Using stress management tips and techniques backed by powerful mindset methods, we can help you manage stress at work and work related stress effectively. We aim to be the number one training provider in Norfolk and the only one incorporating your subconscious to maximise the results of stress management.

We can give you and your staff the tools they need to take back control and manage stress and anxiety

which means:

"Workplace stress, depression and anxiety is increasing exponentially and set to become the single biggest expense to business in the coming years."[2]  


Being able to identify stress symptoms is crucial in tackling absenteeism and productivity issues.


The key to combating this growing problem is to act now by giving you the right tools to create a robust mindset and effective stress relief and coping strategies. Identifying stressors, personal triggers, learning mindfulness and  breathing techniques, we show you how to combat stress at the source. We can even teach self hypnosis and many more methods, equipping you and your staff to fight back. This Wellbeing training will not only help to protect you, but also help you feel happier and remain fit for work.

There is a better way...

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  • Increased morale and better productivity

  • Higher employee satisfaction scores

  • Reduced costs and average absence levels

  • Improved Wellbeing and Mental Health

  • Lasting, effective stress relief

  • Short & long term savings

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