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Weightloss MP3's

Anyone under the age of 18 should advise their parent/guardian before using this product, also if you are or have ever suffered from any mental health problem you should consult your doctor before using any MP3**

The hypnotic induction used is a simple fractional relaxation technique combined with subconscious instruction that is most easily absorbed so as to work with either a first time user or anyone who has experienced hypnosis before.

- - -


1. Use headphones to maximise the effect

2. Make sure you won't be disturbed for approx. 20 mins

3. Simply sit in a comfortable chair with your arms and legs uncrossed

4. Follow the instructions and allow yourself to become absorbed

5. Don't 'try' to go into hypnosis, simply let it happen naturally, just Relax and enjoy the moment


*NEVER* listen to this MP3 whilst driving/sitting in a car, operating machinery

or any other situation that requires total concentration or may endanger your safety or the safety of others

Hypnosis is 100% safe

You cannot get stuck in hypnosis

If you need to stop for any reason at all, you can simply open your eyes and STOP


There is no real 'feeling' of hypnosis although in this session, you will feel relaxed

Eat When HungryInner Peace Talk Therapy
00:00 / 20:42
2 Day Fasting ReinforcementInner Peace Talk Therapy
00:00 / 20:50

I hope you thoroughly enjoy this short MP3 and find it useful in helping you relax and let go of any stress you feel. Please visit the rest of the site to explore more about hypnosis and see what clients have said:

**Disclaimer -Neither J Gunning or Inner peace Talk Therapy take any responsibility/liability for anything resulting from the use (or misuse) of this recording, and its use assumes you accept said responsibility and use it as outlined above.

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