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Learn self hypnosis


Self Hypnosis can UNLOCK the power of your mind!

You can:

- Lose Weight

-Crush Emotional Eating
- Remove old fears

- Overcome mental blocks

- Achieve new goals

- Smash old habits

- Increase your confidence

- Increase productivity

- Control emotional eating

- Supercharge Positivity

- Change your eating habits

- Banish negative thinking

-Boost self esteem

and much, much more!

For those looking to train as a hypnotherapist,

This course provides an EXCELLENT foundation from which to begin.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to finally STOP old fears or habits holding you back?

Or to finally TAKE CONTROL of your sugar/sweet addiction?

Or to STOP worrying about little things all the time?

Does it REALLY work? Can anyone do it?​


YES! just ask any athlete!

We've all seen them before they run the 100 metres or lift the heaviest weight. They 'zone' in on what they are about to do, totally focused, calm, visualising themselves winning or succeeding. Its powerful stuff!!

It makes the difference between winning Gold or coming last. 

Now apply that focus to what you want to achieve or change in your life and the reward is waiting for you to claim it!

Why do a Self Hypnosis video course instead of just reading how to do it?​


Our brains work in pictures, so using video is both more stimulating and effective. It also allows me to use my tone of voice to express and emphasise important instructions in a way that just isn't captured in a written document.

(You do get the whole course as an electronic E-guide in .pdf format too for those who still like to read or refer back)

Each video will cover the key elements required for effective Self hypnosis.

The course will cover NOT ONLY how to do self hypnosis - that's the easy bit!

CRITICALLY, it also covers how to effectively use the trance state to create real change - THIS IS WHERE MANY SIMILAR COURSES FALL DOWN!

Your subconscious mind will only respond to/understand certain things and certain language. If you get this wrong then the game is off!! It's a bit like knowing how to start the engine in your car, but having no idea how to change gear!!

In this course I show you how to use:


language and format to


your subconscious mind


for MAXIMUM effect!

This course will give you:

1. A proper understanding of self hypnosis

2. The correct way to induce trance

3. Step By Step Instructions

4. Individual Exercises


5. Deepening techniques

6. Wake up procedures

7. Safety net script

8. Creating post hypnotic suggestion

9. Rules of the subconscious mind

10. Introduction to hypnotic language

11. How to write an Effective affirmation

12. Facts & Myths 

PLUS the following additional TWO BONUS items:

FREE  20 min MP3 Background Music track

FREE  'Fix Your Future' Hypnotherapy Framework

You can also check out my BLOG for helpful hints and tips for all things hypnosis, and see the FAQ page for answers to questions you may have.

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