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'Inner Peace Talk Therapy Corporate Wellbeing' offer a range of on-site sessions which offer a superb choice of proactive training and measures to help prevent workplace stress, anxiety and depression as well as reactive support to assist with helping those already suffering stress symptoms.


You can choose from 1:1 business coaching sessions, group sessions, group 'short' sessions (If a day is too long), drop in clinics or 'return to work' sessions designed to help longer term absences get back to work. We also even offer a group 'Hypnotic Stress Relief Day' which can be booked on an ad-hoc basis when required.

We are also excited to soon be offering two NEW group sessions:











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Have you ever asked why some people seem to manage stress and succeed naturally or reach goals where others struggle or give up? 


Why do some people seem to have a naturally positive attitude, cope with stress and rarely have any time off sick?


We show you how anyone can aim to achieve this...the result?

Increased productivity

Increased job satisfaction

Better performance

Increased profits

Reduced Absence levels

Reduced staff turnover

Reduced Costs

What makes our Wellbeing training different and why use us?

"Unlike traditional training courses available, all the courses below utilise powerful mindset techniques to drive maximum results. Combining subconscious engagement with other mindset techniques, creates a very potent effect. We can even add Hypnosis if you want it!"

James Gunning CMH C.Hyp

The cost of absences alone to UK industry is astronomical and projected at £100 billion this year [1] and is set to rise as stress and anxiety at work increases.


Can you afford to ignore it?

We offer a range of Wellbeing training solutions.

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The following courses are under development and will be available to book soon. You can register your interest by clicking on the 'Register my interest' buttons below...
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Positive Mindset Creation

Locations within Norfolk, UK - Other locations by prior arrangement

£TBA PP | Max 10 Delegates

This training is incredible value as it gives access to three full hypnosis 'creating positive behaviour' sessions in addition to powerful visualisation techniques and many other methods  throughout the day. It's designed to be a very practical day which will give you the opportunity to drive real change in the way you think and respond to everyday challenges. The hypnosis sessions will give you a chance to create your own 'best way' of creating a new positive attitude. Using the techniques learned throughout the day, you will be able to identify better ways of seeing 'through' issues or obstacles. When you break down the old behaviours, you can replace them with ones that work better for you and open your mind to possibilities that were previously blinkered from view.


This course is conducted at your workplace. All that is required is a room big enough to seat up to 10 delegates.

Confidence Course Training providers in norfolk

Confidence Creation

Locations within Norfolk, UK - Other locations by prior arrangement

£TBA PP | Max 10 Delegates

This training gives access to three full hypnosis 'confidence creation' sessions. From the very beginning of the day, careful language and exercises are used to subconsciously change how delegates feel about themselves. A combination of conversational hypnosis, visualisation and mental exercises give the delegates access to there own internal conversations in order to change them. The day consists of many practical exercises which work in a way that builds confidence without drawing attention to any individual in the group. The old days of having you stand up in front of the class will not be found here!


This course is conducted at your workplace. All that is required is a room big enough to seat up to 10 delegates.

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