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Wellbeing Course FAQ

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  • What is the minimum/maximum number of delegates allowed for group sessions?
    How many delegates varies depending on what training is required. Group sessions work best with 4 - 15 delegates. This allows for teamwork in pairs and improves the group dynamic for exercises and tasks (Larger groups can be arranged with prior arrangement). The maximum delegate number is THIRTY FIVE for some modules e.g. Yoga, meditation, breathwork - Please ask. This ensures enough time can be allocated for teamwork and exercises without diluting the course content.
  • Do delegates require any experience or knowledge prior to attending?
    No, just bring an open mind and be willing to learn. (If delegates have a serious mental health condition, they should consult their GP before participating)
  • Do you offer bespoke/company specific training?
    Yes. We can work closely with you on a specific area and either adapt one of the standard courses or if preferred design and create a brand new course from scratch, tailored to your needs. This can include any policy or procedures you currently use and specifically target key areas you may have identified as 'weak' or 'gap' areas.
  • Why 'In house' training?
    First off, it's cost effective as there are no overheads to cover such as room hire or staff travel expenses etc. The date and time is more flexible and can chosen by you and the surroundings are familiar to your staff. In our experience it also provides an often rare opportunity for staff from different departments or teams to meet up and put a face to a name and even help improve communication across teams. Key Benefits: -You choose a date and venue to suit your business -Cost effective -Familiar environment -Team building opportunity
  • What is the structure for the group session day?
    Start time is usually 9.30 am with a view to finishing around 4.30 pm. We usually stop for 45 minutes for lunch and have comfort breaks in the morning and afternoon. These timings can of course be adapted to fit your core business hours.
  • What is the dress code?
    Dress code is whatever your company policy states. However you may wish to remove jackets/blazers to allow freedom of movement and comfort during any teamwork/tasks. For yoga and meditation sessions, loose comfortable gym style clothing is advisable.
  • What are the payment/T&C's?
    Full terms and conditions can be found on the seperate T&C's page on the main menu.


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