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As we all know, this last lockdown has been by far the toughest on our mental health and wellbeing, adults and children alike.  These offers are are designed to help you reset any anxiety or worries and to let go of any negative emotions that lockdown may have created.

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60 Minute Reset Sessions - £30

In these 60 minute reset sessions you can melt away any stress, worries or negative emotions that life may have created. The sessions use deep hypnotic relaxation and are designed to be a totally immersive and wonderfully calming experience.


A truly relaxing session, allowing you to let go gently, whilst creating a wonderful positive way forward.

P.S. There's no limit -You can book as many sessions as you like

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£10 Hypnosis Taster Session

Are you thinking of trying hypnotherapy?

Or maybe you feel scared of hypnosis?

Wondering if it's right for you?

Unsure of what it will be like?

Or want to try it before booking a session?

This taster session is the perfect way to come along and have a try. You can bring a friend along if you wish to keep you company. I can answer your questions before having a lovely 30 min hypnosis experience.


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