27 Year Issue Fixed In ONE Session!

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"Brilliant - A Change of Life!"

I thoroughly recommend James and his services.  He has a calm, gentle manner, yet instils a very high level of confidence in his knowledge, understanding and skills in treating anxiety.  My son felt very comfortable straight away with James, who carefully explained the procedures he would use and took time to understand the issues that needed to be addressed.


The procedure was enjoyable, relaxing and not at all stressful and had an impact on my son's behaviour straight away, making tasks and some every day activities achievable that he was not able to do before.  James also provided resources and strategies that can be used as self-help, and relied upon if and when necessary, so that my son can continue to make progress and avoid anxiety becoming a barrier again.


James' help is tailored to the specific needs of the client and is therefore realistic and has been very successful.


Mrs E, Norfolk, UK

"I rode yesterday for the first time since our session and I was on the safe cob...........and had a lovely time, went on quite a few grass tracks and even had a few strides of canter - this is a huge step forward, I was in the saddle for over 2 hrs and whilst I experienced a little anxiety, I was definitely better..............I was smiling when cantering yesterday ....."

Mrs S, Norfolk,UK

"5* Absolutely great therapy and James is brilliant.

Feel like I'm in control of my anxiety now"


Ms R S, Norfolk, UK

James is superb - if you have any doubts - just give him a call!


Mr L H, Norfolk, UK

" If I could give 10* I would...I can wholeheartedly confirm that James Gunning is as experienced as his website claims.  I had a period of 11 weeks where my anxiety was so great that I had remained in the house totally stressed, anxious and depressed.

James did a Skype session with me and within 48 hours I was functioning on all cylinders and back at work. I cannot thank him enough for his life changing intervention.​"

Caroline Martin, Gloucestershire, UK

"I went along to see James after my anxiety started getting out of control.  I wasn't sure what to expect and was a bit nervous but James soon put me at ease -  I left the first session feeling calm and positive.  Before each session we discussed what was going on, what I was struggling with and what i would like out of the session which was really useful. James was even able to help me with short term Chronic Pain relief.  After a few sessions, James produced an MP3 download for me to use at home. It is only a few minutes long but is an immense help to me.  Whenever I feel the anxiety building up I can take myself away for a few minutes, listen to the MP3 download and calm my mind down.

I would 100% recommend James to anyone who suffers from anxiety"


Mrs P W, Norfolk, UK

"I'm not suffering at all with my anxiety anymore and I've come off the medication I was on now too and I've been losing weight so a very very successful hypnotherapy client. You made the whole process very relaxed and calming with no pressure as I was in control and could stop at anytime. I would highly recommend you to anyone suffering the same, as you and your techniques you taught me have changed my life."


Ms S, Norfolk, UK

"Progress continues to be made with the help of James's MP3 s after attending some individual sessions to be able to identify the key areas to be worked on "

Mrs W, Norfolk, UK

"Having lived with a phobia for as long as I remember, I couldn't imagine life without the fear and anxiety that was beginning to control me! With just one session with James, I felt free, like a weight had been lifted. I'd never felt so clear and was amazed at the change within me! Not only do I feel I am finally in control of my phobia, I feel like I've been given a complete mental makeover! James is amazingly professional, with the ability to make you feel instantly at ease with his kind words and empathetic nature! He is genuinely passionate about the service he provides and helping people to change in a positive way. I can't recommend highly enough!"

Ms H, Norfolk,UK

"I have been using a CD from James for "Recovery after illness"I was unable to sleep due to the effects of post viral fatigue ( after a nasty bout of summer flu)This exacerbated the natural recovery process in that I doubted I would ever recover from the often overwhelming and debilitating exhaustion. After listening to the CD once, I slept for 10 hours the first night! this was such a huge relief and gave me enough confidence to realise I would beat this horrible feeling. Since then, I have been using the cd regularly to the extent I am almost fully recovered. I would recommend anyone to try hypnotherapy and trust yourself to James; he is empathic, genuine and skilled and I, for one, am very happy about that."

Mrs W, Lancashire, UK

"Having hypnotherapy changed my life instantly after just two sessions. Having had counselling and trying to deal with a fear myself to no avail, I turned to hypnotherapy.

It worked! - James was so sincere and professional - Thank you."

Mrs R, Norwich, Norfolk, UK

"Hypnosis helped me at a time in my life when I had been under a great deal of work related stress. I had lost a lot of confidence in myself, felt out of control and generally was not coping too well.   Initially, I was apprehensive at what would happen but James put me at ease and I immediately felt he was someone I could trust.


I feel having the hypnosis was a turning point in my recovery as immediately afterwards, I felt so much better, like a weight had been lifted off me and this continued afterwards. In time,I regained my confidence and took charge of my life -  I would recommend James to anyone as he is empathic, calm, professional and kind."

Mrs W, Bolton-Le-Sands, Lancashire, UK

"I have suffered for many years not being able to sleep. I have been on sleeping tablets for almost 2 years on and off. The misery of not being able to sleep is truly awful. Last Friday I had hypnotherapy, I haven't taken any tablets since and am pleased to report that at last I'm sleeping. I recommend any one that has the same problem or wants to loose weight, give up smoking or any other things they want to deal with to try it. I highly recommend James Gunning. Friendly and very professional."

Mrs T, Norfolk, UK

Hypnotherapy Recommendation
Hypnotherapist in Norwich

"Even after only one session, James has helped me so much. Not only did he immediately put me at my ease, but his professionalism and obvious passion for his work has already made me feel totally different about the issues I went to him to resolve. Now, instead of driving myself potty trying to stop bad behaviours, I'm completely focused on starting new, better behaviours, and I'm instantly the better for it.  ​I simply could not recommend James more highly. His work is truly exceptional, and the difference he has made to my life and future cannot be overstated."

Mr B, Norfolk, UK

Hypnotherapist in Norwich

Been a good week and a bit now and feeling more positive, outlook seems different, that thing I can't put my finger on but that is pretty much what you do!   I can't thank you enough for helping dig me out of the hole I was in.....You are a legend, its truly been better for me than any pill I've ever taken.  ​I don't mind if you use my name (On this testimonial), far as I am concerned seeing you has been one of the most positive healthy things I have done in years.


Mr Andy R, Norfolk, UK. 

"I simply could not recommend James more highly. His work is truly exceptional, and the difference he has made to my life and future cannot be overstated."

Mr B, Norfolk, UK

What Clients have said at sessions:



My latest weight loss client, Miss 'X' was thrilled to tell me:


"I now find smaller portions are enough, and now don't even eat all of that!"


What a cracking start to being a slimmer, healthier version of herself!

After one session Client 'C' said:


"I left over half my meal as I felt full for the first time in my life! AND I woke up this morning NOT craving sugar!!'