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Prices Start from £9.95 for hypnosis MP3's and £30 for personalised hypnosis MP3's. Session fees are listed below and offer pay as you go or block bookings, which attract a discount.

What's in a Session?

Some clients prefer to work on a session by session basis in a “pay as you go” approach, and others prefer to book a course of sessions. To that end I now offer pay as you go prices and block booking prices paid up front which offer a discount & priority booking.

The long-term effectiveness of most of the work I do typically falls between 3 and 6 sessions, although sometimes only one session is enough.


So what do you get?

A complete assessment of your issue and needs.

Comprehensive professional 1:1 sessions working closely with me.

Each session is tailored to YOU and your desired outcomes as I don't use a 'one script fits all' approach.

      (In fact I never use scripts)

Identifying your triggers and fears for change.​

Planning a set of positive actions for change & map out your goals.

Powerful mind programming techniques designed to put you FIRMLY back in control.

Techniques to STOP negative self talk or self sabotage


A FREE guide to overcoming anxiety


SOS Text messaging support



Talk therapy sessions use an effective mix of CBT, NLP, Conversational Hypnosis, Active therapeutic listening and other techniques. These sessions are the perfect way to talk openly and safely (and be truly heard) about things that may be troubling you and understand them on a deeper level. From there, together we can change them and turn them around so you are no longer controlled by them. 

Pay as you go £55 per session


3 Sessions £150

6 Sessions £290


Direct hypnotherapy sessions use highly effective Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy and a powerful mix of ALL techniques to create change in the subconscious mind. Unlike many, who use the same set script for every client, as an experienced hypnotherapist, I NEVER use scripts as every session is unique to you and tailored to your emotions and feelings. This gives you the best possible outcomes.

Got any Questions about Hypnosis?

Watch these videos:



Pay as you go £70 per session


3 sessions £190

6 sessions £360


FOR 2020


This session is pure relaxation!

A wonderfully deep hypnotic relaxation, designed to take you on a powerful and deep journey within. Using a beautiful mix of music, scents and hypnotic meditation to allow you a moment of pure inner peace and deep relaxation. A deeply wonderful state that allows you to truly experience being still. Experience what it's like to mentally STOP and relax, forget the 'to do list', stop any worrying thoughts or over thinking.


A moment of pure quiet and indulgent

'me time' to melt away your worries and stress.

£50 per session


(Approx 45 mins)

And the increasingly popular...

V.I.P. Total Life Transformation Package

This is for anyone who needs a complete re-boot of their current situation.

It includes:


A full one hour consultation to identify areas for change


Priority booking for 8 FULL sessions covering issues you wish to change, such as:

Anxiety, confidence, self esteem, negative thinking, overthinking and limiting beliefs, 

targeting your chosen areas e.g. Achieving goals, being positive etc


Text message/Phone support


A 20 minute personal hypnosis MP3 to use anytime in the future to reinforce your transformation.

Package Price:


Limited Time Offer only £495

Hypnotherapist in Norwich Hypnotherapist in Dereham Hypnotherapist in Norfolk 

*Please note any cancellation made within 24hrs will be charged the full session fee


Mon - Fri: 9am - 8pm

​​Saturday: 9am - 1pm

​Sunday: Closed

51 Andrew Goodall Close, Toftwood

Dereham, Norfolk, UK


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