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Session types

Sessions Types & Prices

I believe in complete transparency, which is why ALL my prices are published clearly here for you to see. I don't hide behind a 'Contact Me For Prices' button.


Prices Start from £9.95 for hypnosis MP3's and £30 for personalised hypnosis MP3's.


Session fees are listed below and offer pay as you go or block bookings, which attract a discount.

*Hypnotherapy, Talk Therapy & CBT Sessions are available 'In Person' or 'Online' 

I offer THREE tiers of hypnotherapy sessions

giving you a choice that's right for you: 

1. Wellbeing Deep Relaxation

2. Regular Wellbeing DETOX

3. Clinical Hypnotherapy


All Therapy Sessions Include

~A complete assessment of your issue and needs

~Comprehensive professional 1:1 sessions working closely with me

~Each session is tailored to YOU and your desired outcomes

~For hypnosis, I never use a 'one script fits all' approach - In fact I never use scripts

~Identifying your triggers and fears for change

~Planning a set of positive actions for change & map out your goals

~Powerful mind programming techniques designed to put you FIRMLY back in control

~Techniques to STOP negative self talk or self sabotage


A FREE guide to overcoming anxiety


SOS Text messaging support


Deep Relax




This session is pure relaxation!

A wonderfully deep hypnotic relaxation, designed to take you on a powerful and deep journey within.


Incorporating a beautiful mix of sound therapy using tuning forks, music, scents and hypnotic meditation to allow you a moment of pure inner peace and deep relaxation.


A deeply wonderful state that allows you to truly experience being still. Experience what it's like to mentally STOP and relax, forget the 'to do list', stop any worrying thoughts or over thinking and just let go.


No Consultation is required.

A moment of pure quiet and indulgent 'me time' to melt away your worries and stress. 

£35 per session

(Approx 45 mins)

Hypnotherapist in Norwich Hypnotherapist in Dereham Hypnotherapist in Norfolk 



Many clients after having resolved their issues with Clinical Hypnotherapy, book these sessions on a monthly basis in order to stay on top of their wellbeing.

These sessions can also be booked as a stand alone Wellbeing MOT. It's a wonderful, proactive way of ensuring that whatever life throws at them, that they stay in positive control. Each session allows you to 'detox' any issues that have arisen or may be building up. It's like a wellbeing M.O.T. to ensure you are in the best place and don't slip backwards. We service our cars and gas boilers to prevent future problems...this session is designed to do exactly that for you!


No Consultation is required.


These sessions are also ideal for those clients who are perhaps nervous of a full clinical hypnotherapy session.

£45 per session

(Approx 60 mins)



Direct hypnotherapy sessions use highly effective Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy to create change in the subconscious mind.

Highly effective for sorting difficult issues, long term issues, fears, phobias, trauma, self esteem issues, panic attacks, anxiety and many other issues. The consultation identifies if this is the right session for you or if you are better suited for the Wellbeing MOT.


It can also incorporate CBT, NLP & other techniques, giving you the most powerful tool to create a lasting change. Unlike many, who use the same set script for every client, as an experienced hypnotherapist, I NEVER use scripts as every session is unique to you and tailored to your emotions and feelings. This gives you the best possible outcomes.


FREE Initial Consultation is required.


Got any Questions about Hypnosis?

Watch F.A.Q videos HERE

£70 per session

(Approx 60 mins)


Pay in advance

3 sessions £190

6 sessions £360

( 17yrs & Under £50 )

Top Up

Not sure which is right for you?


Call me on 07840 806101


Ask me via email HERE 

Payment Types Accepted

All major credit and debit card types accepted

*Please note I am happy to re-book any appointments with reasonable notice, however any no-show/cancellation made within 24hrs will be charged 50% of the session fee. I kindly request that appointments cancelled within 24 hrs are paid at 50%. Although I often have waiting lists, filling appointments less than 24hrs in advance is tricky. As a small business, cancellations directly affect the day to day running of the Practice.

Thank you in advance for supporting this policy.

Covid-19 Safety Information can be found here

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