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Parents Complete Guide To Anxiety In Teens (10+)

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The Parent's Guide to Supporting a Teenager with Anxiety is a FULLY COMPREHENSIVE course designed to help parents navigate the challenges of supporting a teen who is struggling with anxiety (Suitable age 10+) . Using a combination of videos, exercises and in depth learning, the course with over 40 sections, covers every aspect of supporting your teenager. * Overview of anxiety in teenagers & common symptoms * How to recognise signs of anxiety & non verbal cues * How to effectively communicate & practical advice on how to talk to a teenager struggling with anxiety * Active listening skills, how to ask open-ended questions, how to provide encouragement & support * Self-care & anxiety management techniques * Suicide awareness & warning signs It also provides parents with tools and strategies for managing their own stress levels, so they can be more effective in supporting their anxious teen. Also included: * How anxiety affects our bodies & makes us ill * How anxiety affects mental health * How to identify anxiety triggers * How to manage anxiety effectively PLUS guided meditations for anxiety reduction & bonus materials full of tips & advice PLUS a course completion certificate Overall, this Parent's Guide is an invaluable resource for any parent who wants to support their teen through the challenges of anxiety. With its practical advice, expert insights and useful tools and resources, this guide is an essential tool for any parent who wants to help their teen thrive.

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