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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - CBT


CBT offers an effective alternative to hypnosis that can help with many issues.  With my extensive experience of helping clients overcome many difficult emotional issues, I apply CBT in an effective 'people focused' and 'goal oriented' way to help you make positive changes.


If you're looking for a CBT practitioner in Norfolk with experience of creating powerful  and lasting changes in mindset, why not get in touch for a chat? There is no obligation and you can find out if CBT is right for you.

I offer three options for booking:

The number of sessions you may require depends on many factors. Typically the average is around six sessions. You can book on a pay per session basis, however I offer discounted rates for bookings of 6 or 10 sessions so that you get the best value.

Session by session basis - £60/session




Six sessions - £330

(Saving £30)


CALL 07840 806101

To find out more

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