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Finished ☺️👍🎉🎉 Wanted to share my final result with you all. So me being me, I was quite strict but not super strict. Stoodnonnthebscake this morning. Remember weighing yourself is not an accurate way to measure fat loss as it weighs total body weight so may include water, muscle etc. However the total drop was 6.5 pounds 🎉🎉 And I wasn't a big sugar ester anyway so if you are a real sweet tooth person then you should be nicely surprised 😯

So next I measure body fat percentage to see just how much fat has gone. It has dropped 2.8% 👍That's the figure I'm really interested in as it's just fat loss! I will definitely be eating less sugar from now 🙌💯

P.S. That's not actually me in the picture before you say anything 🤣🤣

Anita Levis
Unknown member
Jul 25, 2023

👏👏 🎇🥳



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