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Dereham Hypnotherapist explains why online learning is so valuable in the current financial climate

Updated: Jan 19

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Let's be honest right up front....Yes I'm promoting my new online courses...and I'm not afraid to be transparent. Why? because anyone who knows me, knows I'm up front with my prices on my website (some like to hide them), and I don't hide behind some clever sales funnel to trick you into buying. So there you have it, blatant honesty haha! The reason for that is that the courses I have created really are good, packed full of information, advice, tips, techniques and lots more, and I'm very proud of them and genuinely believe they can really help.

Investing in yourself through online courses can be a transformative experience, especially when seeking personal growth and well-being. Whether you're looking to overcome anxiety, stop emotional eating or build self esteem and confidence, online courses can offer immense value. And during this cost of living crisis, gives you access to help at an affordable price compared to perhaps a course of therapy sessions. Serious issues will require face to face sessions, however a great deal of issues can be overcome via online learning. With the convenience of accessibility of resources, you can enhance your well-being right from the comfort of your home, whilst knowing you have a professional hypnotherapy service near you and access to support.

Online courses provide numerous benefits, such as flexibility and convenience. You have the freedom to learn at your own pace, fitting the courses around your existing commitments. Whether you prefer to study during the day or in the evening, online courses offer the flexibility to accommodate your schedule.

By investing in yourself through our online courses, you gain access to expert knowledge and guidance from a professional in the field. These courses are designed and delivered by myself, a highly experienced practitioner who has dedicated their career to helping others. You can trust that the content is accurate, reliable and up-to-date, providing you with valuable insights and techniques to improve your wellbeing.

Furthermore, online courses often foster a supportive community* of like-minded individuals. Engaging with fellow learners can provide a sense of connection and encouragement throughout your journey. You can share experiences, ask questions, and receive support from people who understand your challenges and aspirations (*This feature is coming soon).

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Investing in yourself through online courses not only expands your knowledge and skills but also boosts your self-confidence. By actively taking steps to improve your wellbeing, you demonstrate self-care and a commitment to your personal growth. As you acquire new tools and strategies, you can apply them to various aspects of your life, enhancing your overall well-being and resilience.

So, whatever you're seeking to change or learn, consider the immense benefits of investing in yourself through online courses. Embrace the opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive, all while prioritising your wellbeing in the comfort of your home. Start your journey today and unlock the transformative power of online learning.

I have created a range of super online courses and more will be available over the coming days and weeks, with new courses being regularly added. You can view them HERE

As a thank you for not falling asleep! If you have read this far here is a discount code to use at checkout to get 10% OFF

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James Gunning CMH C.Hyp

Inner Peace Talk Therapy - Be your own magic

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