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Dereham Hypnotherapist releases course to overcome fear of flying

Updated: Jan 19


Are you one of those individuals who have always dreamt of travelling the world, but the mere thought of boarding an airplane sends shivers down your spine? If the fear of flying has been holding you back from exploring new horizons and embarking on thrilling adventures, I have great news for you! Introducing my brand-new online course, "Fearless Flying," designed specifically to help you overcome your fear and soar through the skies with confidence and joy.

*From KLM Load Control Expert to Fear of Flying Mentor*

Before I became a Clinical Hypnotherapist, for over 5 years I had the privilege of working for the renowned airline KLM as a trainer for Load Control specialists (Aircraft weight & balance). My role involved teaching weight & balance for aircraft, where I acquired extensive knowledge of aircraft, flight characteristics, aerodynamics, and most importantly, safety measures. I was entrusted with the crucial responsibility of calculating the safe distribution of passengers, cargo, and fuel to ensure the aircraft's trim setting for safe takeoff, level flight, and landing. This loadsheet calculation was then passed to the captain so he could set the aircraft settings correctly, initially for takeoff and then for the rest of the flight.

During my tenure at KLM, I encountered numerous individuals who, like you, suffered from an overwhelming fear of flying. Witnessing how this fear prevented them from experiencing the wonders of air travel inspired me to combine my expertise in aviation with my passion for helping others. Thus, "Fearless Flying" was born.

*Course Overview: Modules to Empower You*

The "Fearless Flying" online Course has been meticulously crafted to address every aspect of your fear and guide you through a transformative journey towards conquering it. Here's a brief overview of the Course modules:

Airplane wing

**Module 1: Introduction**

In this module, I will set the foundation for your journey to fearlessness. I will explore the reasons behind your fear of flying and prepare you to embrace positive changes.

**Module 2: How Do Planes Fly?**

Understanding the mechanics of flight can significantly alleviate anxiety. In this module, I'll demystify the principles of aviation, making you feel more at ease during flights.

**Module 3: Common Sounds During Flight**

Flight-related noises can be unsettling, especially if you don't know their origin. I will explain the various sounds you might encounter during a flight to help you feel more comfortable.

✅ **Module 4: Ears Popping and Air Sickness**

Some passengers experience a little discomfort during takeoff and landing. I'll provide practical tips to manage ear popping and air sickness effectively.

✅ **Module 5: The Psychology of Fear of Flying**

Understanding the psychological aspect of your fear is vital for overcoming it. This module delves into the root causes and empowers you to take control of your emotions.

✅ **Module 6: Safety Facts and Figures**

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to air travel safety. I will present you with compelling safety statistics to boost your confidence in the aviation industry.

✅ **Module 7: Techniques to Stay Calm During Flights**

Learn relaxation techniques and coping mechanisms to stay calm and composed throughout the flight.

✅ **Module 8: Preparing for the Flight**

Proper preparation is key to a successful flight experience. I will guide you through essential pre-flight preparations that instil a sense of readiness.

Airplane tail

✅ **Module 9: Coping Strategies During the Flight**

In this module, you will learn additional coping strategies to employ while you're airborne, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable journey.

✅ **Module 10: Facing and Overcoming Fear**

Embrace the heart of the Course, where I delve deep into facing your fear head-on and equipping you with the tools to overcome it.

✅ **Module 11: Hypnosis For Fear of Flying (2 Audio Sessions)**

As a special bonus, I offer two powerful hypnosis audio sessions designed specifically to tackle your fear of flying and reinforce a positive mindset.

My mission is to empower you with knowledge, techniques, and support to transform your fear into courage, unlocking a world of possibilities.

*Enrol Now and Embrace Fearless Flying*

If you're ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and conquer your fear of flying, my "Fearless Flying" online Course is here to guide you every step of the way. Don't let fear hold you back any longer. Embrace the thrill of soaring through the skies and expand your horizons like never before.

To find out more and enrol in the Course, visit my website:

Let's soar together towards a future filled with exciting travel experiences and newfound confidence in the face of fear. Safe travels!

James Gunning Hypnotherapist

James Gunning CMH C.Hyp

Inner Peace Talk Therapy - "Be your own magic"

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