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CBT - C.reating B.etter T.imes or Completley Bogus Therapy?

CBT Practitioner Norfolk

Let's get to the first question everyone asks: Is CBT any good? The simple answer is: YES

CBT is a proven therapy with a strong record of achieving results. So why do you hear people saying they tried it and it was a waste of time? I believe there are two main reasons for this.


The client and CBT Practitioner did not 'click' or have a good rapport - This is crucial for any talking therapy and especially CBT. A poor Practitioner will fail to engage or inspire the client. A good Practitioner will be an expert at establishing rapport and communication. (Yes I am, before you ask!)


The client expected the CBT Practitioner to do all the work and 'fix' them - Shock horror! I said it! The client wanted a magic wand....well, I'm not one to beat around the bush when it comes to this. The simple fact is, like most talking therapies, CBT is a two way collaboration/process which requires open, honest trust and work on the part of the client. It is not our job to fix you. It is our job to help you establish new, better ways of thinking and acting, and to become better aware of how your thoughts and feelings create your actions and outcomes.

You may be reading this and thinking 'That's a bit harsh', but if you're paying your hard earned cash for CBT, I think you would rather be told the truth/facts..wouldn't you?

CBT counselling in Dereham Norfolk

This is why I place so much value on the free consultations I offer. It gives you the chance to meet me and make sure that I am indeed a human, sound of mind, balanced and well medicated and most of all, someone you think you can work with. NOT a total weirdo who talks about nonsense or is sitting there wearing a knitted cardigan/bow tie and treating you like some sort of inferior species!

We are not machines, we are not robots, we are not unbreakable.....We are all human beings, who from time to time need a little help or support - and that's really ok.

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