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Hypnotherapist In Norfolk going barefoot!

Feeling stressed? With all the conflicting advice about the best way to deal with stress it can be stressful working out what to do about it! Seeing one of the many therapists out there in the private sector can be a daunting prospect too. Not to mention the prices can vary from £20 - £500!!! Arrgh!!! More stress!! Hypnosis is an excellent way to combat stress and give you stress relief. But if you're not ready to take the plunge, try this...

Well here is a long forgotten and FREE way of quickly melting some of that stress away. And yes, I know once you have read this you will probably think, "that's nonsense" or "it won't work for me". But how often have we said we won't like something or don't like something, only to find out later in life, we were wrong....we do like it!!!

What I'm saying is: Give it a go.... Grounding. What the hell is that? Don't worry it has nothing to do with electricity or running about naked in a lightning storm (Unless you want to of course, but I'll let you decide on that one!) No, it's all to do with connecting to the earth. Ok before you write it off as all 'New worldy, space age, airy load of rubbish', it's actually backed by science!

So what is it and how does it work. It has been observed that by walking barefoot on the ground, negative electrons pass from the earth (Which has a naturally negatively charged state), up through your feet and into your body.

The effect this has is measurable and it can help improve insomnia and poor sleep, inflammation, chronic stress etc. You can read more in this article and HERE.

feeling stressed at work

Surely Officer John McClane can't be wrong!!

Ok, I know it sounds a bit on the edge but honestly, I have been doing it for a while and it definitely feels good! Remember Bruce Willis in the first Die Hard Movie when he's scared of flying? The passenger next to him tells him to take off his shoes and 'feel' the ground.....

grounding for stress management

Give it a try and see what you it for a week and let nature do what it does best! If you're looking for a hypnotherapist in Norwich or Norfolk and want more help why not get in touch?

If you're a business owner / manager and looking to get help for yourself or your staff with stress management, check out our sister company The Wellbeing Way. We offer wellbeing and stress management training across all areas of business and can provide a wealth of tips and techniques to help overcome stress, anxiety and depression at work. We uniquely use hypnosis during the training to accelerate change and maximise the effect of our training.....why not find out more HERE.

"Yippee ki yay....." Ooops...No!!! Better not!!! haha...

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