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Anxiety isn't real...Just calm down! Sound familiar?

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

"Just calm down and you will be fine..."

Don't you just love it when someone sees you struggling with #anxiety or having anything from a mild feeling of discomfort, all the way to a full blown #panicattack, and they say that dreaded line! As if it is that bloody easy!! If it was, don't you think I would be doing it!!

I know they mean well, but it really does just amplify all that makes you feel worse.

What if it was that simple? What if you could somehow just do exactly that? Here are two top methods that I have used with clients and it gives rapid relief from that impending feeling of fear. Granted this doesn't work for 100% of the population, because if it did we would all "Just calm down and be fine.."

Method 1

Press down gently on the top of your head with both hands - Not so hard you break your neck, as we don't want a permanent cure!

After a slow count of five, let your hands drop down slowly and as you feel the pressure lift off your head, breathe in with a long slow deep breath and imagine you are being lifted up out of your fear/panic. Continue breathing nice and slowly, but breathe into your belly rather than your rib cage. As you do this count each breathe out until you reach ten, knowing that when you reach ten, you will be calm, relaxed and back in control.

(Using the arm muscles to press, helps convert some of the fight or flight response into a physical action. This combined with altered breathing pattern, works towards switching off the anxiety response)

Method 2

Close your eyes. Breathe in slowly and deeply into your abdomen whilst at the same time moving your eyes all the way to the left. Pause, then breathe out slowly while you move your eyes all the way to the right. Do this as man y times as required to rapidly change your anxious state to one of calm, safety.

(Here we combine the altered breathing pattern with eye movement/desensitisation in order to both alter the brain waves and de-program the anxiety response)

These are simple non #hypnotic techniques you can use every day.....

Until next time....

Axe Anxiety - Lose fear, love life!

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