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Anxiety Hypnotherapist in Norwich says: It's time to slay they Dragon!

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

From time to time, we all do this...You catch a glimpse of your reflection in a shop window and think something along the lines of 'Shit, this top is not a good fit!' Or 'My hair could do with a brush..' And that's normal...after all we want to look out best, right?

Not everyone is able to just brush it off. For some people it becomes the only thing they think about, obsess about.....Anxiety has struck!

For them, it's more like this:

Why am I so fat?

Why do they look better in that top?

What if people think I look cheap?

Why does it always seem like my hair is messy?

Why do I not look as good as them?

Why does it feel like everyone is looking at me? Do I look that bad?

And so it goes on in a devastatingly negative sinking spiral of destruction that strips what little self esteem they have. Every day is a such a massive challenge it leaves them drained. It couldn't get any worse....but what if? And.....Anxiety strikes again. You see unlike lightning, anxiety is not a force of nature - It's a force of pure evil. Sound familiar?

So, that's helpful....Anxiety is evil. Tell me something I don't already know you say!

Ok....Lets fight back. Firstly, anxiety is NOT your fault! Second, it's NOT your fault! You didn't wake up and think: I'm going to start a new behaviour that will ruin my life. You didn't buy it when everyone warned you not to. Did you? No!

So, here is the good news...Anxiety has a weakness that it doesn't want you to know about. It will twist and turn and hide it from you. You may have seen it on the very rare occasion when you had a good day, but not realised what it was before anxiety stole it back and buried it deep in your mind. What is it, you ask?

It's the ability to get lost in a moment. To 'forget' to worry. To set aside the voice of fear. To suspend that part of your mind that seems driven to work against you.

It's in those brief moments that anxiety gets a smack in the face! Be honest, if you suffer from anxiety, even severe anxiety, there are the rare times when even if it's just for a few seconds, you catch a moment of respite.

This is your lever, your way in. Expose this 'crack' in anxiety's shiny armour and watch the the crack grow as you start to rip it open. With the right techniques and practice you can begin to crush your nemesis. Despite what seems like an impossible dragon to slay, once you get a taste of victory, you will want more.

#Hypnosis is a powerful choice of weapon as it allows you first of all to find that crack. Next it helps you drive a spear in and start to prize it open. And third, and this is the best bit: it lets you access the part in your mind responsible for creating the dragon and slay it.

Never underestimate the power of your mind. After all, if it can create the dragon, it is more than capable of slaying it.

Axe Anxiety - Lose fear, love life!

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