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Anxiety: The Trickster Within! (And how to shut it up)

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

If you have ever suffered from or are suffering with anxiety, you will know how shit it can make you feel. For those of you who have never suffered imagine this:

You wake up and the first thing you do is worry about the time, because even though you can see the time on your clock, you immediately think of all the things that can make you late. You know they are unlikely but you worry about them anyway. As you go to the loo you see yourself in the mirror and get an overwhelming feeling of how awful you look and how people must look at you and think you are weak or ugly or look rubbish compared to them. Anxiety sufferers 'feel' these thoughts as though they are real and are actually happening to them right now, and unlike other people, these thoughts don't just come and go....they stay and haunt you. And that is just the beginning of a typical day with anxiety......By mid morning anxiety sufferers are already feeling overwhelmed with fears and worries.....The trickster within has played out his hand and destroyed any shred of confidence they once had. The trickster inside makes you feel wobbly, shaky, sweaty, rapid heart beat, feel a sense of dread or even feel faint........The trickster within is a bastard!

So what is anxiety?

Th trickster within is actually part of your brain designed to keep you safe. WTF? I hear you say....Yes that's's a defense mechanism which worked wonders when we ran around hunting wild boars and living in a cave. It kept us alive! When facing an angry, injured wild boar we had to either run like a crazy person at full speed and scrabble up a tree to escape if it attacked or literally fight with it and pin it down to secure the weeks supply of food. Both of these feats required anxiety in its purest form. Our fight or flight mechanism (the root of anxiety feelings) was in full swing. If it didn't activate we would not be able to run fast and far or fight the boar. We would have run like a tortoise and fought like a wet lettuce!! Sounds funny but anxiety is no joke...

The anxiety response causes a MASSIVE change in our bodies in order to give us our best chance of survival. It floods our body with adrenaline which pumps up our heart rate, increases blood flow to the muscles (no not to that!), increases our oxygen uptake, redirects blood away from our skin, speeds up breathing and supercharges our strength. In essence it prepares you for a FIGHT! It gives you a momentary ability to act like some sort of superhuman.....No wonder Superman was confident enough to wear his red pants on the outside!

Here is the problem: When did you last find yourself running around hunting down a wild boar? or sleeping in the wild vulnerable to possible predators? I'm betting...never....If you said last week, then I'd be a little worried myself!

Here is the second problem: Your fight or flight response is still here after thousands of years of evolution. Someone forgot to tell it to calm down. It still looks for dangers and yes, very very rarely we encounter a time when 'superman' or 'superwomen' is required. But I would bet that too was in reality almost never as well...

Here is the third problem: The fight or flight mechanism for those with anxiety is too sensitive and play tricks on you. It presents threats and possible scenarios to you as if they are real and need 'action'. And so the trickster within is born....

Ok, so what can you do to 'reset' your trigger? To shut the little bastard up?

I publish a load of tips and techniques regularly on my Facebook page to help's all free and it all WORKS. You can click HERE and LIKE the page to get access to loads of FREE stuff.

The picture here shows just one of many 'quick' methods of taking back control and shutting the trickster up. It works by utilising the muscles and the adrenaline and then sending an 'I'm safe' signal back to the trickster. Using methods like these you can switch off the trickster and take back control. With practice you will find you start to do this automatically as a natural response to 'perceived' threats or situations that would have made you feel anxious in the past.

Self hypnosis is excellent for overcoming anxiety...Anyone can learn this life skill for change (See Tutorial offer HERE) and take advantage and start using your powerful subconscious as a tool to beat the trickster.....

Show the trickster who is boss now, and take back control of your life....

Axe Anxiety - Lose fear, love life!

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