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Dereham hypnotherapist works with teen to smash severe OCD & anxiety!

Anxiety can range from relatively mild, all the way to severely overwhelming which can restrict and even destroy lives. OCD is a form of anxiety that manifests in often extremely restrictive behaviour or 'rituals'. It too can take over a persons life and leave them feeling miserable and isolated.

I recently received this amazing testimonial from the mother of a teenage son whose life was being devastated by a very severe form of anxiety and OCD. They had tried the 'conventional' route for help but were left no better off or even feeling worse.

Having been recommended to see me they took the brave step together to seek help. It turned out to be a turning point and beginning of a wonderful journey, for which i am immensely proud and privileged to have been part of. Using a mix of hypnosis, CBT and other powerful techniques we unpicked the behaviour and put the anxiety away. The result?

I'll let you read the testimonial below:

Severe OCD stopped with hypnosis
Severe OCD smashed with hypnosis

Axe Anxiety - Lose fear, love life

Hypnotherapy and CBT in Dereham Norfolk

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