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Better in the head, equals better in bed!

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

Hypnotherapy is fast gathering support in the professional medical, business and sports arenas.

Q. Why is this?


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Quite simply, the results speak for themselves. The application of hypnosis in medical issues is becoming the 'norm', and for good reason. It has shown excellent benefits in many and varied types of treatment and all without any side effects!

Businesses are also starting to realise it's power in the application of removing anxiety at work, clear thinking, decision making, creativity and most importantly in today's' world, in handling stress in the workplace and managing sickness levels which can cripple even the best efforts. Happier staff, increased productivity and lower sickness are all achievable.

Athletes have long known the power the mind has on their performance. It literally can make the difference between Gold and no medal at all. Being able to visualise yourself winning or exceeding goals has a powerful impact on both the way you approach those tasks and on the final result.

Simple application of such techniques can have dramatic results...

eg You struggle getting past 10 press ups when you try?

  • Next time, before you begin, take a moment to see yourself powering your way to 15 press ups.

  • Literally imagine it in your mind.

  • Visualise your arms rock solid on the floor, back straight, muscles working easily as you sail past 10 reps.

  • Make the image strong, clear and bright.

  • Breathe slowly and easily as you do this for 1-2 minutes.

  • Now go ahead and smash your 10 rep barrier!!

hypnosis for sex

Now imagine how that may help in other areas of your life? Work, Hobbies.....

NOW imagine what it could do in the bedroom?!

Want to know more? Drop me a line....

Until next time.....

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